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Sudadera vestido con capucha orgánica - oceans -

Sudadera vestido con capucha orgánica - oceans -

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Sudadera vestido con capucha orgánica - oceans - 

Porque... eres una amante del oceano 

80% algodón orgánico, 20% polietileno (reciclado) de 300 g/m²

French Terry

Capucha de 3 piezas sin forro y con cordones extra largos

Puñosen canalé extra anchos con orificios para los pulgares

Dobladillo recto con aberturas laterales

Longitud por encima de la rodilla

Corte holgado extragrande.

why organic cotton?

We choose 100% organic cotton because no toxic chemicals are used, therefore, the soil is not damaged. They have a lower impact on air pollution in addition to using 91% less water and reducing energy use by 62%.

why recycled polyester?

It is manufactured using mainly plastic bottles that are recycled to become clothing.

So... recycled polyester is better for our planet, it means 75% less CO2 emissions

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