Escapadas de buceo económicas para el puente de octubre en España

Cheap diving breaks for the October long weekend in Spain

Thinking about what to do on the October long weekend?

In Spain there are magnificent and affordable places to do a good, good dive. At CallMeBob we recommend 4 that can serve as inspiration in case you have still decided on a plan.

Columbretes Islands, Castellón :

The best : This volcanic archipelago is a paradise for divers. Its crystal-clear waters are home to a great diversity of marine life, including schools of groupers and giant moray eels. You can also explore underwater caves and admire impressive rock formations .

Economy : You can find affordable diving packages that include accommodation in the nearby town of Alcossebre.

Columbretes Islands Callmebob

Medes Islands, Girona :

The best : The Medes Islands are famous for their waters rich in marine life. On each dive, you will find yourself surrounded by colorful fish, octopuses, barracudas and more. There are also shipwrecks that are fascinating to explore.

Economy :
Several dive centers in nearby L'Estartit offer affordable diving packages, and you can find budget accommodation options in the area.

La Restinga, El Hierro :

    The best : El Hierro is a gem for divers. The La Restinga Marine Reserve is the highlight, with calm waters and a large number of marine species. The Don Justo Cave is an impressive dive.

    Economy :
    El Hierro is generally cheaper than other Canary Islands, and there are several affordable accommodation options in La Restinga.

    Cabo de Palos, Murcia :

    The best : Cabo de Palos is famous for the Naranjito wreck, a sunken ship that is now home to many marine species. You will also find impressive rock formations and a large amount of marine life.

    Economy: There are several budget diving center options in the area, and you can find affordable accommodation in La Manga del Mar Menor.

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